Trump, and his supporters’ twisted values

The dubious morality of Trump’s fundamentalist Christian supporters is examined in this opinion piece for the Barking and Dagenham Post (27.1.21)

Many Humanists will breathe a sigh of relief that Trump has vacated the White House.

Trump’s values are the antithesis of those we hold dear. Endorsing the racist ‘birther’ myth against Obama. Spouting hate against Muslims. Fanning division and trashing science. It was entirely predictable he would dispute losing the election and incite mob violence.

Trump’s unholy alliance with conservative Christian fundamentalists, among his most ardent supporters, is another example of dubious morality. They turned a blind eye to Trump’s less than devout private life. It was more important to have a champion willing to turn back the clock on women’s right to choose, and on gay rights.

They clamoured for what they call the ‘right to life’ for the unborn, but were mostly mute on the many occasions Trump showed indifference to the death and suffering of the living. His hostility to migrants and his policy of separating children from parents at the border. His inaction over Covid, which has killed over 400,000 Americans. Withdrawal from action on climate change, whose deadly effects include fire, flood and drought.  The thousands of gun deaths, not least the wanton taking of black lives by the police. And one of Trump’s final gut-wrenching acts – rushing through the execution of prisoners on death row.

Biden is unlikely to hold all the answers to the world’s problems. But at least he offers a better prospect of the calm, reasoned dialogue and empathy needed to tackle them.

©Paul Kaufman
Chair East London Humanists

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