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Usually held on the third Monday of the month. Our events are educational, stimulating and fun.  They provide opportunities to engage socially and in lively discussion  with like minded, open-minded thinking people. 

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Leo Barasi is a leading thinker, speaker and writer on climate change and public opinion. Broadcast appearances include Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and World Tonight, BBC 5 live, Channel 4 and Sky.  His acclaimed book The Climate Majority: Apathy and Action in an Age of Nationalism (2017) addresses one of the greatest challenges we face today.

Writing in The Guardian in October 2019, Leo paid tribute to Extinction Rebellion for succeeding in using protest earlier in the year to transform public debate. But he warned of challenges for the next round of mass protest, predicting that the novelty of such actions would have worn off, and that the police would move more decisively.

Perhaps the biggest challenge Leo identified is the public attention span. He points out that the overwhelming majority do now support the aim of zero net emissions. Many believe the argument is won and that blocking the streets serves little purpose. But few pay attention to policy detail or punish politicians who don’t have an effective plan. There’s little incentive for politicians to go beyond simply pledging to tackle the climate crisis with ambitious-sounding targets.

Leo’s book is the first to study climate apathy. One of the questions it poses is ‘How can we talk about climate change in a way that will provoke action?’  Leo describes how apathy prevents action and shows how it can be beaten with an approach developed for political campaigns, drawing on opinion polls, psychological research and examples of successful campaigns from across the globe.

Much has changed even in the short time since the book was published. Fires and floods around the globe have highlighted the urgency. A new Government has been elected which claims green credentials but whose actions, such as recently giving the go-ahead to a new coal mine in Cumbria, fly in the face of this. And then there is the pandemic…..

What does the pandemic tell us about action on climate change? People around the world have made enormous sacrifices – much greater than most thought possible – to tackle the coronavirus emergency. It has demonstrated the potential for governments to lead collective action with the support of the vast majority of the public. Yet, the pandemic is a short-term crisis, and support for lockdowns was never universal and appears to be slipping. Is it a model for climate action or a warning of what not to do?

The Zoom will open at 7.10 for socialising. The talk and discussion will begin at 7.30. The event is free and open to all.



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Looking forward so much to resuming our public meetings! Our favourite venue: Wanstead library. Our favourite post-meeting retreat: The George Pub.

Wanstead Library

The library is a 2 minute walk from Wanstead Underground Station (Central Line). Nearby bus stops include 308;145;W12;W13;W14;66;101. There is also free easy parking adjacent to the library and good disabled access