What do we do?

East London Humanists

  • Provides valuable opportunities for like-minded, open-minded  people to chat and debate, to learn and to think and to socialise together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  • Promotes knowledge and understanding of Humanist ideas through social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and through contributions to the press and other media.
  • Provides a safe and supportive space for anyone who is seeking to leave their religion.
  • Supports various campaigns. These include campaigning against the proliferation of faith schools and their divisiveness and against the automatic right of clerics to sit in the House of Lords and decide on our laws.
  • Provides speakers to local schools, colleges and youth groups, including scouts, cubs and girl guides.
  • Participates in local fairs and similar events.
  • Engages in ‘inter-faith’ dialogue in a variety of forums  in East London.
  • Responds to and monitors local authority consultations and policy in East London with the aim of ensuring that the views of the non-religious are taken into account.
  • Represents the non-religious at Remembrance Day commemorations in East London and seeks the extension of representation by the non-religious alongside  faith group representatives at civic events generally.
  • Has representatives on the SACREs (Standing Advisory Committees on Religious Education) of the East London Boroughs. The representatives aim to ensure that  the religious curricula of local authority schools are balanced and include teaching on Humanism.
  • Aims in the longer term  to assist with the provision of pastoral care for the non-religious in East London.