Freethinker Event Mon 25 Jan ’21 19.30. Live from Spain!

Barry Duke is the speaker for our first virtual event of 2021.

Barry has had a fascinating and varied life journey. Born in apartheid South Africa, he came to the UK as a refugee in 1973 and now lives in Spain. He was for many years active in the anti-apartheid movement. In 1979 Barry helped to found the Gay Humanist Group (now LGBT Humanists) after Mary Whitehouse began a private prosecution for blasphemous libel against Gay News.

Since 1997 Barry has edited The Freethinker. Founded in 1881, The Freethinker continues to be a much-needed beacon for rational thought.

There will be time for questions and answers.

The event is free and open to all, but pre-registration on Meetup is required. The Zoom link will be sent to all those who have registered.

The main event will begin at 19.30. Access to the Zoom room will commence at 19.10 for a chance to socialise and will continue for further socialising when the meeting ends.

A cartoon from the ‘Comic Bible Sketches’ which featured in early editions of The Freethinker. Following the publication of such cartoons in the May and Christmas 1882 editions of The Freethinker, George William Foote, the editor, was prosecuted for blasphemy, and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour. On receiving his sentence from Mr Justice North (a devout Catholic), Foote said “with great deliberation” to the Judge “My Lord, I thank you; it is worthy of your creed”. William Ramsay (the shop manager) was sentenced to 9 months, and William Kemp (the printer) was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

The April 2014 edition of The Freethinker announced that the May issue would be the last to appear in print; publication has since continued online.

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