Teaching about Humanism should be part of every educational programme when it comes to learning about religion and beliefs.*

East London Humanists meet this need by providing speakers trained and accredited by Humanists UK. Speakers are experienced in talking to local schools, colleges, and youth groups such as scouts and guides.

All speakers  are required to comply with a strict code of conduct.

Humanists UK have an impressive array of resources to deliver flexible and engaging programmes suitable for all key stages.

Please complete an enquiry form to obtain a suitable speaker.

*This is not just our view! In a landmark judgment in a case brought by the BHA (25.11.15) Mr Justice Warby stated ‘..the state has a duty to take care that information or knowledge included in the curriculum is conveyed in a pluralistic manner… the state must accord equal respect to different religious convictions, and to non-religious beliefs..’ and ruled that the Government had been wrong to seek to exclude Humanism from the GCSE curriculum.

Filmed for use in schools by Newham SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education).