Campaign against collective worship in schools. Help needed.

The UK is the only country in the world to impose Christian worship in state-funded schools. The BHA is looking for parents with a child at school up to and including Year 11 to assist with a legal challenge.

The BHA is committed to ensuring a fair education system in which all children are free to arrive at their own conclusions about life’s big questions. That means not only that schools should provide an inclusive, balanced, and objective education about different religions and non-religious worldviews, but also that children should be free from any requirement to participate in religious worship at school.

Current law and government guidance discriminates in favour of religion in requiring daily worship in schools, and in favour of Christianity in requiring that outside of ‘faith’ schools, most acts of worship should be of ‘a broadly Christian character’. Whilst parents and sixth form pupils have a right to withdraw from collective worship, this doesn’t go far enough in limiting the divisive and discriminatory nature of compulsory collective worship. Instead, we want to see the current law replaced with a requirement for inclusive school assemblies, which promote shared values, encourage understanding and respect, and are open to all.

The BHA would like to hear from anyone who has a child, of any age up to and including year 11, at a school which holds some form of collective worship, whether it’s every day or otherwise. If you would like to assist then please contact Jay Harman, , with details of:

a) what year your child is in
b) the name of the school they attend
c) any very brief details about the worship held at the school.

All information will be treated confidentially and the BHA will not do anything with it without your permission.

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