Free Mubarak Bala!!!

Today, Thursday 15 October, is a global day of action for Mubarak Bala, President of the Humanist Association of Nigeria. Bala is facing imprisonment and even death for blasphemy in Kano State. Today was due to be his first hearing, although it was postponed this morning until Monday (perhaps in response to the global protests that have been organised by humanists). Until last week, Mubarak had been held in detention without access to a lawyer since his arrest in April. We were horrified by rumours that he had been killed in prison. But last Wednesday, the humanist community celebrated the news that he was not only alive but had finally – after five long months – been granted access to his legal team and his wife. His lawyer said this happened because the international diazepam online pressure campaign is clearly working, and that Mubarak was extremely glad to hear of how much support he’s getting. 

Mubarak’s Fundamental Rights petition is now due to be heard at the Abuja High Court. And it’s absolutely vital we keep up the fight at this stage. That’s why, along with Humanists International, we’re doing all that we can to support Mubarak and his legal defence.   We have helped humanist MPs and peers repeatedly raise Mubarak’s case in Parliament, and have discussed his case extensively with the Government ourselves. Further, representatives from Humanists UK and Humanists International will be joining the London-based Free Mubarak Bala protest at the Nigerian High Commission this evening. You can help. Spread the word on social media, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #FreeMubarakBala
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