New City College. A thought provoking event

East London Humanists made an important contribution to the panel at the annual Faith Forum event at New City College in Hackney on 21 February. The speakers at this 2 1/2 hour event came from a range of faiths and beliefs. Each spoke in turn about how their belief influences their lives.  Students put questions to each speaker in turn. This was followed by a general Q&A session and a lively debate. The meeting exposed the dearth of knowledge about Humanism among this group of young people, and a thirst to know more about it. For many it appears to be the first time they have heard anyone describe how it is possible to lead a good, meaningful and happy life without a belief in God. The speakers pictured from left to right represent the following religions/beliefs: Sikh;Buddhist; (organiser;chair;organiser; chair) ; evangelical Christian;Humanist; Evangelical Christian; Jew. (The Muslim and  Scientologist speakers stand at either end and are out of shot)

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